Time Series Analysis of Total Suspended Solid (TSS) Using Landsat Data in Berau Coastal Area, Indonesia

Ety Parwati and Anang Dwi Purwanto (2017) Time Series Analysis of Total Suspended Solid (TSS) Using Landsat Data in Berau Coastal Area, Indonesia. International Journal of Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences, 14 (1). pp. 61-70. ISSN 0216-6739

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Water quality information is usually used for the first examination of the pollution. One of the parameters of water quality is Total Suspended Solid (TSS), which describes the amount of matter of particles suspended in the water. TSS information is also used as initial information about waters condition of a region. TSS could be derive from Landsat data with several combinations of spectral channels to evaluate the condition of the observation area for both the waters and the surrounding land. The study aimed to evaluate Berau waters condition in Kalimantan, Indonesia, by utilizing TSS dynamics extracted from Landsat data. Validated TSS extraction algorithm was obtained by choosing the best correlation between field data and image data. Sixty pairs of points had been used to build validated TSS algorithms for the Berau Coastal area. The algorithm was TSS = 3.3238 * exp (34 099 * Red Band Reflectance). The data used for this study were Landsat 5 TM, Landsat 7 ETM and Landsat 8 data acquisition in 1994, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2013. For detailed evaluation, 20 regions were created along the watershed up to the coast. The results showed the fluctuation of TSS values in each selected region. TSS value increased if there was a change of any kind of land cover/land used into bareland, ponds, settlements or shrubs. Conversely, TSS value decreased if there was a wide increase of mangrove area or its position was very closed to the ocean

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: TSS, Landsat 5 TM, Landsat 7 ETM +, Landsat 8, watershed, mangrove
Subjects: Teknologi Penginderaan Jauh > Penelitian, Pengkajian, dan Pengembangan > Teknologi dan Data Penginderaan Jauh > Perolehan Data
Divisions: Deputi Penginderaan Jauh > Pusat Pemanfaatan Penginderaan jauh
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Date Deposited: 24 Aug 2021 11:48
Last Modified: 13 Oct 2021 03:00
URI: http://repositori.lapan.go.id/id/eprint/1174

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