Evaluation of SPOT-5 Image Fusion using Modified Pan Sharpening Methods

Sukentyas Estuti Siwi (2014) Evaluation of SPOT-5 Image Fusion using Modified Pan Sharpening Methods. International Journal of Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences, 11 (2). pp. 117-126. ISSN 0216-6739

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Image fusion, commonly known as pan-sharpening, is a method that combines two data: a panchromatic image that has geometric detail information with the highest spatial resolution and multi-spectral image that has the highest color information but with the lowest resolution. Pan sharpening is very important for various remote sensing applications, such as to improve the image classification, to change the detection using temporal data, to increase the geometric, image segmentation, and to improve the visibility of certain object that does not appear on certain data. This study aims to compare the existing pan-sharpening methods such as Brovey, Brovey modification using green and red band, Gram-Schmidt, HPF, Multiplicative, and SFIM.The quality of the pan sharpening result should be evaluated, this study used Universal Image Quality Index (UIQI/Q index); this evaluation methodgives the opportunity to choose which method is best to provide the most similar spectral information with the original multispectral image. A pan-sharpening qualitative analysis shows that there has been a sharpening process on all pan-sharpening images. Based on spectral visualization (color display), several pan-sharpening methods such as HPF multiplicative method provides brighter colorsand Brovey transformation method displays dark colors. Gram Schmidt method also provides a different color from the original multispectral image. A pan sharpening quantitative analysis shows that the best pan-sharpening method with UIQI value> 0.9 is Brovey modification using green and red band. This is due to the green band (500-590 nm) and the red band(610-680 nm) wavelength are in the panchromatic band (480-710 nm) of the SPOT-5 Data

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Image Fusion, Pan-sharpening method, SPOT-5, UIQI
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