Micro-Texturing for Tribology and Surface Engineering in Manufacturing Processes

Tatsuhiko Aizawa (2016) Micro-Texturing for Tribology and Surface Engineering in Manufacturing Processes. Proceedings International Seminar on Aerospace Science and Technology (ISAST) 2016. pp. 92-105.

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The friction and wear has been understood as the mechanical and chemical issues on the surface and interface between structural components and parts with the practical surface roughness. The micro-texturing was highlighted as a positive use of interfacial asperities in geometry and topology to control the frictional behavior. Three micro-texturing methods were proposed to control the micro-texture size and geometry; i.e., the self-micro-texturing, the extremely short pulse laser micro-texturing, and, the plasma printing. The ball-on-disc testing was employed to describe the effect of micro-dimple size, density and topology on the measured friction coefficient. The wear track width was also measured to investigate the effect of micro-dimples on the wear. The surface properties were affected by the micro-textures on the surface. The static contact angle was measured to describe the effect of micro-texture size and topology on the increase of contact angle toward hydrophobicity. The micro-textured surface of aluminum sheets by the plasma printing was utilized to investigate the controllability of heat transfer processes by the micro-texturing.

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