Dynamical Analysis of Internal Solitary Waves Propagation over uneven Bottom in The Lombok Strait

A. Sulaiman and Agustan (2016) Dynamical Analysis of Internal Solitary Waves Propagation over uneven Bottom in The Lombok Strait. Proceedings The 2nd International Conference of Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing 2016, 47. pp. 161-167.

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Internal solitary waves (ISW) often observed in the Lombok strait which is the main pathway of the Indonesian throughflow. ISW can be detected by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) as a dark band followed immediately by a bright band of curvilinear wave crest due to the reverse of circulation flow induced by the waves. In this paper, dynamical analysis and the properties of ISW in the northern part of the Lombok strait are investigated by combinaton ALOS-PALSAR II observation and mathematical modeling. The SAR data observed on May22 th 2016 and September, 19th 2016 is used in this study. Dynamical properties of ISW are studied by the variable Perturbed Kortweg and de Vries equation (vPKdV). The short derivation of vPKdV based on two layer fluid model will be given. The result showed that the basic forms of ISW observed is the arc-like ISW that radiates uniformly away in regular sequences from the sill in the north. We found that the main wave packet has the wavelengths is more than2000 m and the amplitudes is about 30m with the nonlinear phase speed is about 12 m/s.The changing of the wave form from depth water into shallow water and breaking criteria will be highlighted

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Additional Information: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science Volume 47 ISBN 9781510835214
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