Wing Static Test of LSU-02 NGLD Aircraft using Whiffletree Method

Nur Mufidatul Ula and Aryandi Marta and Yusuf Giri Wijaya and Muksin (2019) Wing Static Test of LSU-02 NGLD Aircraft using Whiffletree Method. AIP Conference Proceedings 2019, 2088. 030025-1.

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Wings of LSU-02 NGLD has been tested using the Whiffletree method. The LSU-02 NGLD wing consists of spars made of aluminum, ribs made of balsa wood and skin made of composite material consisting of Balsa, Epoxy and E glass wood. This study aims to determine the results of testing using the Whiffletree method and analyze the patterns of data obtained from testing. The types of sensors that used in this test are LVDT, Load Cell and Strain Gauge. The LVDT sensor is placed at the tip of the wing and the load cell is placed at the tip of the Whiffletree’s support. The strain gauge used is the UBFLA-1-3LT type for aluminum spar, BFRA 3-5 type for inner wing and BFLA 5-5 type for the skin at the tip of the spar. Test results show that the LSU-02 NGLD wing configuration has failed when the load is 2.5g. Failure can be seen in the Strain Gauge 1 data that is mounted installed on Aluminum Spar.. These results have met the maneuver limits for normal category aircraft between 1.52 to 3.8g [1]. The results of this study still need to be compared with testing method based on sand bag method to determine the difference of data.

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