An Analysis of Potential Hazard and Risk for Flood and Landslide Areas (Case Study in West Java Province)

Waluyo Yogo Utomo and Widiatmaka and Komarsa (2015) An Analysis of Potential Hazard and Risk for Flood and Landslide Areas (Case Study in West Java Province). IPB Press, Bogor.

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West Java is one of the regim in the high potential occurrence of floods and landslides. This is due to the characteristics of its topography, as well as high population density which increase every year, causing pressure on the ecosystem. The purpose of this study was to build methodology in determining floods and landslides criteria, mapping of potential hazards and the risk of flooding, and landslides. Models of potential hazard and risk of flooding and landslides built through spatial analysis system with weighted and scoring of the 7 parameters used landuse, rainfall, slope, elevation, landform, soils and geology while the risk model to floods and landslides used vulnerability parameters (consist of infrastructure, accessibility/road and land use), and element of risk parameters (consist of population density, emergency response and GDP). The results showed West Java has the high potential flood-prone of 460.204 ha (12.5%) and very high at 507.274 ha (13.8%), with distribution locations in Bekasi, Cirebon, Indramayu, Karawang, Majalengka, Subang, Bandung City, Banjar City, Bekasi City, Bogor City, Cirebon City, and Depok City. As for the high potential of landslide-prone of 141.855 ha (3.9%) and very high at 14.895 ha (0.4%), with distribution locations in Bandung dan Garut. Based on the results of field validation and recapitulation data of floods and landslides incidence in the field from BNPB (2010–2012), showing the results map accuracy of the analysis of hazard and risk potential of flooding and landslides are quite high. The frequency of floods in the field occurs 88 times as much as the moderate to very high class of flood hazard potential areas of with a total of 115 times the incidence of flooding, or by 76.5% of the total flood. While the frequency of landslides in the field occurs 86 times in the classes as moderate to very high landslide hazard potential with a total of 113 times the incidence of landslides, or 76.1% of the total landslide

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