Hydro-Meteorological Aspects of the 2021 South Kalimantan Flood: Topography, Tides, and Precipitation

Munawir B. Pratama and Rafida M. Withono and Ismail N. Azkiarizqi (2021) Hydro-Meteorological Aspects of the 2021 South Kalimantan Flood: Topography, Tides, and Precipitation. International Journal of Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences, 18 (1). pp. 73-90. ISSN 0216-6739

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The 2021 South Kalimantan flood was recorded as the most serious ever to have taken place in the province. It occurred due to high-intensity rain during the period 10-19 January, accompanied by a spring tide. This study provides an overview of the disaster, with reference to the hydro meteorological conditions (topography, tides, and precipitation). The method used was the analysis of the precipitation and its monthly rainfall pattern anomalies using remote sensing data. A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was also analyzed to indicate the most noticeably flood-affected area. In certain areas, total precipitation during the ten days reached 672.8 mm, with daily precipitation peaking at 255 mm on January 14, greater than the 25-year return period value. The flood coincided with a spring tide, which peaked at 1.21 m on the evening of January 15. Using 20-year GPM data, it was found that ENSO and IOD coexisted with both the highest and lowest anomalies. With a La Niña event at the end of 2020, a positive precipitation anomaly in 2021 was expected. The extreme precipitation is suspected to be the main driver of the 2021 South Kalimantan flood, whose impact was worsened by the spring tides. This study conducts further research on the correlation between land-use change, rainfall, spring tide and flooding in South Kalimantan. In addition, it is recommended that the government plan flood risk management by prioritizing areas based on vulnerability to climate hazards

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Natural Disaster, Hydrological Hazard, Meteorological Hazard, Indonesia, Extreme Events, Precipitation Anomaly
Subjects: Sains Antariksa dan Atmosfer > Penelitian, Pengembangan, dan Perekayasaan > Sains Teknologi Atmosfer > Potensi Bencana Hidrometrologis
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Date Deposited: 23 Nov 2021 08:44
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