Development of Primary Flight Display Human Machine Interface for Flight Control Panel Model Verification

Novita. Atmasari and Sayr Bahri and E. B. Jayanti (2021) Development of Primary Flight Display Human Machine Interface for Flight Control Panel Model Verification. The 8th International Seminar on Aerospace Science and Technology – ISAST 2020, 2366. pp. 1-15.

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Flight Control Panel (FCP) as an interface between a test pilot and an Electronic Flight Control System (EFCS) provides inputs to Flight Control Computer (FCC). In return, FCC transmits sensor measurement to be displayed on FCP so that the test pilot can examine the aircraft responses concerning command inputs given. The interaction between FCP, FCC, and aircraft is mathematically modeled to verify the FCP functionalities. The verification is performed by defining sets of tests to be executed via Human Machine Interface (HMI) which needs to be previously constructed. The research in this paper shows the development of Primary Flight Display (PFD) as HMI to conduct functionality verification of the FCP model. The PFD provides information on artificial horizon, direction, airspeed, altitude, and vertical speed. In addition, PFD is equipped with virtual knobs to activate commands of airspeed, heading, altitude, vertical speed, and flight path inclination angle. Other flight variables are also displayed on. Results shown in this paper are the design of PFD and compliance of functionality requirements for FCP via model in the loop verification

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