Karakteristik Mekanik Komposit Polyester E-Glass dengan Stacking Sequences[0°, 90°, 0°]

Ilhamdi and Dony Hidayat and Fadli Febriyan (2019) Karakteristik Mekanik Komposit Polyester E-Glass dengan Stacking Sequences[0°, 90°, 0°]. METAL: Jurnal Sistem Mekanik dan Termal, 3 (2). pp. 94-100. ISSN 2597-4483

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There is one fact that leads composite material to be a unique material, among others. Its properties could be settable or flexible with the arrangement of composition, orientation and production procedure. Meanwhile, other materials seemed to have fixed set after fabrication. Nowadays, one of the widely developed structural composites is a polymer-based composite with inorganic reinforcement. It is useful in automotive or aircraft component because reasonable strength and much lower density compared to metal. In this study, e-glass fibres were manually laminated with polyester resin in the open die using a brush. This method is widely known as hand lay-up. Fibres were set in stacking sequences of 0o , 90o , and 0o , means fibres are in a perpendicular direction to its neighbour fibres. After complete dried up, the composite panel is cut off accordingly to ASTM standard for the tensile and compressive testing specimen. In order to examine the hole effect, the centre of gage length specimen was drilled off. Namely, the specimen will be distinguished as no hole specimen and open-hole specimen. Results showed a tensile strength of 200.58 MPa and 155.22 MPa, compressive strength of 335.73 MPa and 254.1 MPa, for no hole and open hole specimen respectively. Introducing open hole reduces the mechanical strength of composite both tensile and compressive. It could be mechanical consideration for safety design of the composite material application. The failure mechanism of the composite is also influenced by the existence of an open hole. When no hole specimen experiences failure at near to grip (LAT), the open-hole specimen has fracture line propagate from the hole into width (LGM).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Komposit hand lay-up Sequences 0 o , 90o , 0o Tensile Compressive Failure mode
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