Parametric Study Of Variables Affectingthe Internal Ballistic On Star Propellant Grain

Bagus H. Jihad (2013) Parametric Study Of Variables Affectingthe Internal Ballistic On Star Propellant Grain. Proceedings SIPTEKGAN XVII-2013. pp. 281-288.


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The physical phenomena which govern the overall efficiency of a solid rocket motor are quite numerous and complex. For this reason the prediction of solid rocket motor delivered performance has, historically, been empirically oriented. Total reliance on correlations of firing data is undesirable, however, as their ranges of applicability cannot usually be clearly defined, and a priori performance predictions for new motor designs or propellants cannot be made with confidence. In order to achieve the desired generality, performance predictions should, where possible, be based on physically realistic models of the controlling phenomena. Parametric study is conducted to know the variables affectson star propellant grains for internal ballistic evaluation on solid rocket motor. An infinite number of possibilities exist. Accurate calculation of grain geometrical properties plays a vital role in performance prediction. Initial geometry is defined in the form of a surface which defines the grain configuration. Grain burn back is achieved by making new surfaces at each web increment and calculating geometrical properties at each step.In this paper, internal ballistics, and grain design, solid rocket motor performance analysis and prediction will be covered.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Solid propellant grain, ballistic evaluation, star port propellant grains, burning rate, ballistic evaluation motor.
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