Treatment Methods Of Butadiene On HTPB (Hydroxy Terminated Polybutadiene) Production To Meet The Purity Requirements Of Fresh Butadiene

Heri Budi Wibowo (2013) Treatment Methods Of Butadiene On HTPB (Hydroxy Terminated Polybutadiene) Production To Meet The Purity Requirements Of Fresh Butadiene. Proceedings SIPTEKGAN XVII-2013. pp. 222-227.

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HTPB was the important propellant binder material of solid rockets. In order HTPB production process efficiency , it is necessary to process improvement method that equipment cost , energy , and raw material efficiency. During this time , the process of making raw material butadiene HTPB using pure grade ( 99.8 % ) . The research aims to obtain the optimal processing method utilizing technical grade butadiene that available in producent of butadiene. The study was conducted in two stages . The first stage is to find the minimum conditions necessary for the quality of butadiene can be used as fresh feed to the reactor HTPB . HTPB is made by by the radical polymerization of butadiene using catalyst 32 % hydrogen peroxide. Butadiene is fed into the reactor of HTPB with capacity 1 L , the reactor is run for 1 hour. The results of HTPB is separated by extraction using hot water , weighed and tested structure by FTIR and tested an average molecular weight by GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography) . The research variables are stabilizers and butadiene concentrations . The second stage is to start treatment on technical butadiene with butadiene technical laundering in order to be processed into HTPB reactor. Technical butadiene before entry into the reactor were washed in water , and then boil up at a temperature of 40 ° C , and then fed into the reactor HTPB 1 L with the same operating conditions . HTPB results observed weight , structure , and average molecular weight . The results showed that the minimum terms that HTPB is formed when butadiene purity of 98 % and a maximum of 0.1 % stabilizers concentration . Technical butadiene has a purity of between 86-98 %. Efforts to utilize technical butadiene using washing method can improve the purity butadiene from 86-98 % to 98 % so it can be fed into the reactor HTPB fresh .Therefore , to take advantage of technical butadiene as fresh bait needs to be added butadiene laundering.

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