Design and Analysis of Optical Fiber Network for Railway Communication Lines

B. Pratiknyo Adi Mahatmanto and Ali Syahputra Nasution and Rosza Madina and Catur Apriono (2020) Design and Analysis of Optical Fiber Network for Railway Communication Lines. Proceedings 2020 The 7™ International Conference on Information Technology, Computer, and Electrical Engineering. pp. 267-271.

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The development of the railroad industry in Indonesia by P.T. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) is one of the strategic development programs for the transportation of passengers and goods. The system should also guarantee the function of the entire signaling and telecommunications equipment system. Replacement of current communication lines from coaxial with fiber-optic networks is an improvement step to obtain a reliable communication system. Fiber optic networks offer high data rates and high levels of security to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements. This paper reviews and proposes the north coast route of Java as the main route on the Java island, especially from the Bojonegoro Station to Surabaya Pasar Turi Station. The replacement design from the use of coaxial to the optical fiber is a ring configuration and one station jump in each hop. This ring configuration is anticipation if the channel has broken at one of the stations. Therefore, communication is remain guaranteed with the path in the opposite direction. From the proposed arrangement, the power link budget in this optical network design shows that the received power ranges from -13.56 – -17.89 dBm, which is still above the detector sensitivity level of -24 dBm. The rise time system at each station ranges from 39.91 – 44.55 ps with a maximum rise time system of 4501.03 ps. The Bit Error Rate analysis is 2.31 x 10-13. Based on the obtained values of those parameters, the proposed network design can guarantee that the entire signaling and telecommunications equipment system will function well.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Railway optical network, power link budget, rise time budget, bit-error-rate
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