Catalog System for Radar Imagery

Ogi Gumelar and Erna Sri Adiningsih and Andie Setiyoko and Haris S. Dyatmika (2016) Catalog System for Radar Imagery. Proceedings of International Symposium on 15th Anniversary of the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar. pp. 97-112.

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The demand of radar imagery is increasing especially when location of object research is picked in cloudy area like Indonesia (especially in Kalimantan). Almost every day Kalimantan area covered by clouds, radar image is more needed instead of optic because optic sensor can not be used to penetrate the cloud. ALOS PALSAR (L-band) and Sentinel 1A (C-band) data are collected radar imagery also the distribution cover almost Kalimantan area. Terra SAR-X (X-band) is available for certain area according to user’s demand. We can get free Sentinel radar image from Sentinel website and download its image. ALOS and Terra SAR-X data is not free and they were commercial data. Displaying availability for radar imagery with catalog system has been succesfully processed for ALOS Level 1.5 and TerraSAR-X data but for the latest radar image version like Sentinel 1A/1B data it is cannot be published untill now that is why conversion into general format file has to be done so that it can be ingested by the catalog system. Beside that ALOS data (forLevel 1.0 and 1.1) also needs to be converted manually into standard file format.

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