Preliminary Design Of Remote Sensing Ground Station System for The JPSS-1 (Joint Polar Satellite System) Data Acquisition and Processing

Muchammad Soleh and Agus Suprijanto and B. Pratiknyo Adi Mahatmanto (2016) Preliminary Design Of Remote Sensing Ground Station System for The JPSS-1 (Joint Polar Satellite System) Data Acquisition and Processing. Proceedings The 2nd International Conference of Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing 2016, 47. pp. 62-77.

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One of the global polar orbit satellites for the Earth and the environment monitoring is S-NPP (Suomi National Polar-Orbiting) was launched in 2011 and will be finished in operation soon. S-NPP carries five primary sensors for earth monitoring i.e. VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite), CrIS (Cross-track Infrared Sounder), ATMS (Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder), OMPS (Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite), and CERES (Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System). While, JPSS-1 (Joint Polar Satellite System) polar satellites was planned tobe launched in 2017 to continuing the mission of earth monitoring similar with S-NPP. JPSS-1 also carries five primary sensors are similar with the S�NPP sensors, i.e. VIIRS, CrIS, ATMS, OMPS and CERES. VIIRS data is currently widely used in LAPAN for monitoring applications such as hotspot/fire detection, phase of rice plant growth monitoring (with NDVI/Normalized Difference Vegetation Index parameter), potential fishing zones determination (with SST/Sea Surface Temperature parameter) and many more. With so many benefits to use low resolution satellite data for the environmental monitoring purposes such as S-NPP, in order to ensure the continuity of S-NPP polar satellite data reception is necessary to assess the readiness of polar satellite data JPSS-1 reception as a S�NPP mission continuation. This paper focused on the preliminary design of the remote sensing ground stations system for future JPSS-1 satellite data acquisition and data processing system.

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