An Improved of Joint Reversible Data Hiding Methods in Encrypted Remote Sensing Satellite Images

Ali Syahputra Nasution and Gunawan Wibisono (2020) An Improved of Joint Reversible Data Hiding Methods in Encrypted Remote Sensing Satellite Images. Advances in Computational Collective Intelligence : 12th International Conference, ICCCI 2020. pp. 252-263. ISSN 1865-0929

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Data protection security is very necessary when distributing high reso-lution remote sensing satellite images from LAPAN to users via electronic media. Reversible data hiding and encryption are two very useful methods for protecting privacy and data security. This paper proposes an increase in the method of joint reversible data hiding on remote sensing satellite images based on the algorithm of Zhang's work, Hong et al.'s work, and Fatema et al.'s work. To evaluate the smoothness of the blocks, a modification of the fluctuation calculation function is presented. The experimental results show that the modified calculation function gives better estimation results. Then, the proposed method gives a lower extracted bit error rate and the visual quality of the image from the proposed method is better than the three references. For example, when the block size is 8 x 8, the extracted-bit error rate (EER) of the SPOT-6 test image of the proposed modified function was 8.40%, which is quite lower than the 14.14% EER of Zhang's func-tion, 9.62% EER of Hong et al.'s function and 11.87% EER of Fatema's et al.'s method. Likewise, the quality of SPOT-6 image recovery represented by the peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) of proposed modified function is 50.52 dB, which is slightly higher than the 48.23 dB PSNR of Zhang's function, 49.93 dB PSNR of Hong et al.'s function and 49.00 dB PSNR of Fatema's et al.'s function.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Communications in Computer and Information Science 1287 ISBN 978-3-030-63119-2 (eBook)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Encry[ted remote sensing satellite images, Joint revesible data hiding, Fluctuation function, EER, PNSR
Subjects: Teknologi Penginderaan Jauh > Penelitian, Pengkajian, dan Pengembangan > Teknologi dan Data Penginderaan Jauh > Perolehan Data > Satelit
Divisions: Deputi Penginderaan Jauh > Pusat Teknologi dan Data Penginderaan Jauh
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Date Deposited: 03 May 2021 03:57
Last Modified: 03 May 2021 03:57

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