Physical and Mechanicals Characteristic of the Nano Particulate TiO2-Epoxy Composite

Ilhamdi and A Nugroho and D Hidayat and R A Nur (2021) Physical and Mechanicals Characteristic of the Nano Particulate TiO2-Epoxy Composite. In: International Colloquium on Computational & Experimental Mechanics (ICCEM 2020), 25-26 June 2020, Shah Alam Malaysia.

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Using nanoparticle as filler in polymer composite material is not widely reported yet. In this study, nano particle of TiO2 (4%, 8% vol.) was added in epoxy resin matrix through casting method; a liquid homogenized mix of epoxy- TiO2 was carefully poured into a simple die for air dried-up. The composite is characterized by physical test of density, and mechanical test such as tensile, compression, flexural and shear test. The results show that actual density of the composites is 1.111, 1.219 and 1.309 g/cm3 with addition of 0%, 4% and 8% vol. TiO2, respectively. These values are a less than theoretic density. The difference is related to the estimated porosity. Each of mechanical properties has its own trend regard to content of TiO2. Maximum tensile strength is 27.8 MPa on 4% Ti specimen. Further increasing of TiO2 made tensile strength and modulus elasticity decreased. Compressive stress is gradually decreased with increasing content of TiO2 ; decreased from 60 to 52 MPa. The addition of TiO2 by 4% decreased flexural strength, but further addition of TiO2 by 8% had increased the flexural strength. Specimen with no TiO2 had provided maximum flexural strength of 40 MPa. Shear stress has same trend as compressive stress; gradually decreased from 14.4 to 9.2 MPa.

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