Feedback Fishermen of Spatial Information about the Potential Fisheries Indonesia Zone Based on MODIS Image

Sarip Apip Hidayat and Wiweka (2013) Feedback Fishermen of Spatial Information about the Potential Fisheries Indonesia Zone Based on MODIS Image. Proceedings International Conference on ICT for smart Society 2013. pp. 1-6.

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Indonesian marine fisheries potential is very abundant, but has not been used optimally and evenly, in some waters still open great opportunities for the development of utilization, while in some other areas the waters have reached solid state gear (overfishing). Likewise, the welfare conditions of fishermen uneven and even most of the traditional fishermen still at the level of indigents. Marine fish resources are not evenly distributed and pre prosperous fishing conditions can be caused by the management of the fish resource potential has not been implemented in an integrated manner, ranging from the ability of local governments as direct supervisors, the ability of its own fishing fleet, facilities and infrastructure as well as the knowledge and availability of data and of information. One reason is the unavailability of data and information on potential marine fishery resources Indonesian waters are spatially and temporally. The potential use of the marine fish resources can be improved, either by providing data and information on the locations predicted as a gathering place for fish (The Potential Fisheries Indonesian Zone / ZPPI). Further research results are disseminated to policy makers in the area or directly to the fishermen. The activity at issue is how to disseminate information generated from research and how that information can be utilized. Remote sensing data to support fishing activities have been widely available, but its use and capabilities in the areas of human resources and related services that have not been able to independently process and utilize data. After information on the prediction of the location of fishing available, then clash with the local social and cultural conditions may occur, they can’t accept new paradigms and technological developments in fishing as well as some technical problems that may arise during the implementation of which is the condition of the waters of data still often covered with clouds, so it can’t continue processing for extraction SPL and chlorophyll-a, weather conditions do not allow for field testing in North Sulawesi waters and the fishing fleet fishing capacity that has not been possible to reach locations ZPPI located far offshore This activity aims to disseminate and utilize data and research information. The data used is the image of low resolution satellite remote sensing (MODIS) and the resulting information is Potential Fishing Zone. Location of the target data and dissemination of this information is in the region of North Sulawesi waters, involving several agencies for the purpose of fishing builder so that there is feedback from the catch.

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