Study of potential applications of LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite’s multispectral imager

Ahmedi Asraf and Ega Asti Anggaria and Patria Rachman Hakim (2019) Study of potential applications of LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite’s multispectral imager. Proceedings of SPIE. pp. 1-8.


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Since launched in 2015, LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite has been collecting many images of the surface of the earth. These images were taken by multispectral imager carried by the satellite. However, these data are not completely utilized yet. Therefore, this paper presents the potential applications of LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite multispectral imager. Literature study has been being done to find the research using the data form other satellites where their payload is similar to LAPAN- A3/IPB satellite. Because of the multispectral imager of LAPAN-A3/IPB has four bands (red, green, blue, and nir- infrared), most of the applications found are the application based on vegetation indices. It is found that LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite data is possible to support green open space mapping in the city, assessing soil saline degradation, measuring colored dissolved organic matter absorption, predicting land use land cover change and its effect on soil erosion, asses protective role of coastal woody vegetation against tsunami, asses resource development footprints using remote sensing, detect lahar path, and monitor urban growth.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: LAPAN-A3/IPB Satellite, Multispectral Imager, Vegetation Indices
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