Study on Impact of Outdated Two-Line Element Sets in Tracking of LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-A3 Satellites

Muazam Nugroho and Nova Maras Nurul Khamsah (2018) Study on Impact of Outdated Two-Line Element Sets in Tracking of LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-A3 Satellites. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Aerospace Electronics and Remote Sensing Technology (ICARES). ISSN 978-1-5386-6031-7


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On satellite tracking, information about orbital elements of the satellite which is contained in North American Aerospace Defense Command Two-Line Element Sets (NORAD TLE) is needed. This paper shows a study of how updating Two Line Element Sets affecting the position prediction of LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-A3 satellites. The positions of the satellites observed are determined by their latitude, longitude, and altitude. The results of orbit simulation, and position error calculation demonstrate that in the case of 1-day and 1-week Two-Line Element, compared to the updated Two-Line Element Sets, shows insignificant errors of the satellites position. Nonetheless, for more than 1-week outdated Two-Line Element Sets yields a very high error in predicting the position of the satellites and could affect the satellite tracking results. Furthermore, the mission simulation of LAPAN-A2 satellites illustrates the difference result of the imaging mission of the satellite with roll angle 4.21 ⁰ between the updated and the outdated Two-Line Element Sets scenario, which makes it convincing that updating Two-Line Element Sets in satellite tracking tools is very important in satellite tracking.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: orbital elements, Two-Line Element Sets , satellite tracking
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