Antenna Readiness and Collision Schedule Managenent Analysis for Muti High-Resolution Satellite Data Reception

Arif Hidayat and Hanna Afida and Muchammad Soleh and Yohannes Fridolin Hestrio and Hidayat Gunawan (2020) Antenna Readiness and Collision Schedule Managenent Analysis for Muti High-Resolution Satellite Data Reception. Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS), 41. pp. 1-8.

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Antennas on remote sensing ground station play a very important role in remote sensing satellite data acquisition activities. The LAPAN Parepare Remote Sensing Ground Station (RSGS) has several antennas to receive several types of remote sensing satellite data on a daily basis. Collision analysis on existing remote sensing ground stations is needed to estimate the capabilities and potential conflicts that occur in data reception, especially high-resolution satellite data. From the measurement results, information regarding the ability, potential conflicts, and priority scale of data reception scheduling on the X-band antenna for a minimum of 10 satellites is obtained (for example to receives SPOT-6/7, LANDSAT-7/8, TERRA/AQUA, Suomi-NPP, Pleiades-1A/B, TerraSAR/Tandem-X, JPSS-1, Pleiades Neo, Skysat, WV-Legion, etc) by entering the technical parameters of each satellite, especially the orbital pattern, altitude, constellation and also the time of the satellite trajectory to obtain a conflicting picture and priority of the antenna for receiving data. The satellite data will then be used as recommendations for future high-resolution satellite data reception scenarios, in particular for determining scheduling priorities in receiving high-resolution satellite data in the future if it will be used to receive satellite data for the Pleiades Neo, Skysat and Worldview Legion constellation satellites on remote sensing ground stations at LAPAN Parepare RSGS.

Item Type: Article
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Antenna readiness, satellite data reception, potential conflict, and priority scale of data reception
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